Plan Your Day

College students need to plan their time very carefully. The time they spend in class is generally small, so there's a lot of "free time" that needs to be used well. That means students must take planning seriously to succeed in their courses, and have an enjoyable overall experience.

From Stress to More Stress

Our high schoolers are pre-occupied with where they hope to go to college. Yes, even 9th graders know that the grades they get as freshmen will affect their GPA. By the time our children become juniors, college is the number one topic of conversation.


College students routinely struggle with getting enough sleep.  Some have a problem falling asleep, others wake up during the night and can't get back to sleep.  In each case, the result is feeling tired in the morning and having a hard time focusing on their classes, their homework and their non-academic commitments.

Summer Internships

College students spend a great deal of time talking about what they will do over the summer. Moststudents are looking for an internship for the summer, as a way of getting experience in a fieldthat interests them, and a jobthey can add to their resume. But it takes work to find those internships.