Yay....another year is over!

Yay....another year is over!

Yay....another year is over!

Maddie:  Hey mom, I'm trying to pack up my things.  It's harder than I thought.

Mom:  What do you mean, Maddie?  What's so hard?

Maddie:  I don't know what I will need this summer, so I'm afraid to put too much in storage.  But I know I can't bring everything home either.

Mom:  You're right, Maddie.  The summer is only a few months long, so leave as much as possible in storage for next year.

Maddie:  I wish you were here to help me.  Can we FaceTime?

Mom:  Sure, if that will help.  But I know you can figure this out.  

Maddie:  Ok, mom.  I will try, but please be there in case I need to talk to you.  

Mom:  Of course, I'm always here for you.  xo

Maddie:  Thanks, mom.  Love you!

Even though our children are moving into adulthood when they are in college, they are still our children.   Many college students want to know we are there for them, supporting them during this transition period into full adulthood.  The key is to be there for support when needed, but also to allow our college students to mature and take responsibility for themselves.  

One area where our college students really do need help is around managing the stress of college life.  They need to learn how to be resilient.  They need strategies and tools that will support them on a daily basis.  That's why I created Crush College Stress.  It's much easier for me to talk to your college students about lifestyle habits because that's a topic most children don't want to discuss with their parents.

If you want to learn more, you can set up a free Stress Less call on my calendar HERE.  

I'm going to fail this exam...

I'm going to fail this exam...