Summer Internships

Summer Internships


I'm never going to find a summer internship....

College students spend a great deal of time talking about what they will do over the summer. Moststudents are looking for an internship for the summer, as a way of getting experience in a fieldthat interests them, and a jobthey can add to their resume. But it takes work to find those internships. And it may be the first time your child gets many rejections as he searches for that ideal internship. Getting into college is difficult, and getting an offer for a summer internship can be almost as difficult, and very stressful.

Are you a parent of a student strugglingto find a summer internship? Is your child sounding frustrated and stressed? As the mom of three girls who have been college students, and the founder of Crush College Stress, I know the struggles your children are experiencing. Does the scenario below sound familiar?

It was Saturday night, and my husband and I were just settling into the couch to watch a movie. "All quiet on the Maddie front?", he asked.

"Yup", I said.

Two seconds later, my phone lit up with her text:

Maddie: Mom, all my friends have summer internships already and I don't.

Mom: Maddie, I'm sure ALL of them don't have an internship...Aren't you exaggerating?

Maddie: Well, all my CLOSE friends...this is so embarrassing.

Mom: Your CLOSE friends are the lucky ones. I'm sure most students are still looking. It takes time and you have to be persistent.

Maddie: But I don't know what to do any more....I've sent out so many resumes and most companies don't even respond. It's so rude!

Mom: Maddie, you know we've talked about this before. The way people get internships these days is through contacts. You have to keep networking. Companies get so many resumes and they need a way to filter them.

Maddie: I know you're right, mom...but it's so tiring to keep networking.

Mom: Well, Maddie, if you want an internship, you have no choice.

Maddie: Why do you have to be so logical?xoxo


Here are some other ideas for your child if they're looking for a summer internship:

1) Talk to their professors;

2) Ask their friends about internships they have had in the past;

3) Use LinkedIn to find companies that interest them and then find someone who works there to reach out to; and

4) Ask for informational interviews when they are networking, because those can lead to an actual interview or a referral to another company.


If you are hearing a lot about your children's stress or you are concerned that they aren't handling college as well as they could, please reach out to me. I want to help get them back on track. Schedule a free Stress-Less Strategy Call with me at:


Dale Troy is a graduate of Yale College and Yale Law School. She is a Certified Holistic Health Coach who specializes in helping college students reduce and manage stress. She helped her three daughters cope with college stress, and now helps students across the country to succeed and thrive in the stressful college environment.