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Are you worried about your children in college?  Do you think about whether they are making good choices and staying safe?  Have you received text messages from your children that concern you? 

You're not alone. 

All parents worry about their children in college because of their own fears and each child's particular characteristics. In addition, there’s a growing trend on college campuses of students feeling more stressed and more likely to need mental health services than in the past. Parents have many reasons to be concerned...and unmanaged stress often leads to poor choices and more worries for parents. 

What can you do to help your college student?  You can make sure they have the habits, skills and tools to help them make good choices and feel empowered rather than overwhelmed. 

I'm here to help.  As a health coach and a mom of 3 college graduates, I know what's required for your child to feel in control.  With my guidance, your child will implement habits and tools to help them manage stress and make them feel confident in all aspects of college life.  

Do you want your child to Crush college stress? If so, I'm ready to help. 

GET STARTED right now:  Click on the button below to schedule a free call and learn more about how I can help your child manage stress and thrive in college.

Hi I’m Dale Troy… Watch this video to learn more about how your child can Crush College Stress!


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I'm on a mission to empower college students by teaching them to implement habits that will reduce their daily stress.

— Dale Troy