A Toolkit for College Success With Less Stress

  • What I Learned About the College Transition from Watching My Three Daughters go Through College
  • The 7 Habits that Reduce College Stress Checklist
  • Five Common Mistakes of College Students That Can Be Avoided


If you want your child to be a confident and successful college student, we can help.

Today, academic ability is not enough. Students need both academic and life skills to thrive in college.

We help students transition from living with structure at home, to living without structure in a dorm.

With our help, your child will develop the skills needed to confidently manage their college life, achieve the grades they want, handle their college stress, and feel comfortable on their college campus.

Here's the truth:  Although your child can't control what's happening around them, they can learn how to take control of their own actions, habits, and thoughts.

Once your child feels empowered and confident, you will relax while they have a successful college experience.

Our goal is for your child to thrive in college.

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“Dale was extremely helpful, kind, and innovative in helping me develop skills required for success in college.”

“I was feeling very overwhelmed and stressed…now I'm more confident about how to be a good student in college.”

Dale was very helpful and really cares about the students she works with. She gave our son useful tools and was able to get him to finally use a calendar. A big feat for a kid that struggles with executive function. We highly recommend Dale for any student that’s struggling to tackle the demands and rigor of high school and college.

Janet, Parent of College Sophomore

“My mom hired Dale to help me with online learning after I was sent home from college because of COVID. Before I started working with her, I was feeling very overwhelmed and stressed.
I worked with Dale on Zoom for 5 weeks. She taught me so much in a short time. I was able to improve my grades because I learned how to use a planner and schedule all my assignments. I also learned how to study better, take good notes, and stay motivated. She helped me get back to exercising regularly and making good food choices, which helped me feel better physically and mentally.
Now I’m more confident about how to be a good student in college, and that will help me for the rest of my college career, no matter the circumstances. Thank you, Dale!”

Laurel, College Freshman

“As I prepared to go to college, I was worried about how to handle the independence that came with being a college student. From working with Dale I was able to compartmentalize and organize my college day. It maximized my time and led me to complete tasks more efficiently. Dale was extremely helpful, kind, and innovative in helping me develop skills required for success in college. From nutritional habits, to beneficial academic tendencies, I can confidently say I am more prepared for college because of my work with Dale.”

Guy, College Freshman

How Can Your Child Develop The Confidence Needed To Have A Successful College Experience?

I invite you to schedule a complimentary College Success Breakthrough Session. 

Here’s what we’ll achieve together:

  • I’ll help you identify the habits and skills your child needs to achieve their goals.
  • We’ll create a tailored action plan your child can follow for college success.
  • We’ll explore how I can best support your child, whether that’s coaching with me, or help from another expert.