Dale Speaks

Dale Interviews Dr. Andrea Malkin Brenner about the College Transition
Interview with Michelle McAnaney: The Transition to College

Interview with Sheryl Gould: Preparing for the College Transition

Interview with Shellee Howard: Preparing Your Child for College
Interview with Robin Stoloff: Creating a Confident College Student
Interview with Moira McCullough: Life Skills Kids Need To Succeed In College

Interview with Steven Greene: The Importance of Being Proactive
Interview with Betsy Jewell: What Parents Can Do to Make the College Transition Smoother

Interview with Denise Thomas: How to Succeed in College During a Pandemic

Interview with Amanda Chatzikonstantinou: Why Dale Chose to Coach Students
Interview with Jennifer Green: How to Manage Stress

Interview with Sonja Montiel: How to Prepare High School Students for College

Interview with Peg Keough: How to Manage College Stress

Summit Presentation: Start Preparing Middle and High School Kids for College Now