Hear From Parents


“My son is bright. He is so bright that he was able to slide through high school without learning techniques to execute next-stage successes. In his first weeks of college, I could sense his sincere effort and significant struggle. He had never learned how to learn.

Another college mom lead me to Dale Troy's College Success Program. With financial output already invested in tuition and books, and genuine commitment from my son, Dale's program was a nominal financial commitment toward the trajectory of my son's future.

Dale responded quickly, with gentle assertiveness and insightfulness for next-step solutions. From Dale's instruction, my son now uses a daily planner to keep up with assignments. He has achieved high grades and confidence. (I'm still pinching myself!).

Shelley M., Parent of a College Freshman


“I just showed my husband his grades. We are both kind of choking on our saliva (good thing I'm a speech path who specializes in swallowing!)

We talked to him last night, and he sounds so happy. We are so proud, and he is doing such good things again. Don't underestimate your role in this!

I looked long and hard for someone I could trust with our son, and be able to breathe a little bit again. We feel so happy and blessed!”

Denise C., Parent of a College Freshman

Reduced her stress and has a great foundation for an exciting new chapter in her life.

“The on boarding for any college freshman can be traumatic and daunting. Now add the stress and uncertainties of navigating COVID-19. My daughter was guided to prepare for what a new college experience would throw at her. She now has a plan and goals going into college. Through her work with Dale, she’s reduced her stress and has a great foundation for an exciting new chapter in her life.”

Dave C., Parent of a Rising College Freshman


My daughter really enjoyed working with Dale and found Dale’s program to be very beneficial. Dale has very practical advice and really understands the challenges facing a student new to the college experience. She has sensible, well thought-out suggestions and is very easy to talk to. We feel lucky to have met her.

Michele A., Parent of a College Freshman

My daughter's confidence improved; working with Dale was beneficial and a great investment.

“Dale was very personable and showed interest in my family to understand how to best help my college freshman. I was looking for additional support to help my daughter be successful in the classroom and life. Organization tips seemed like a good place to start. I don't like nagging her. We get aggravated with each other! Dale understood my concerns. I think sometimes a different person telling kids something is heard better.

My daughter enjoyed the meetings with Dale, and they worked on different topics. Dale helped her set goals, write down a plan, and even did a little tutoring. My daughter's confidence improved. I thought working with Dale was beneficial and a great investment to help my student succeed. I would not hesitate to hire Dale in the future.”

Stephy W., Parent of a College Freshman

Made a big difference in my son's ability to stay focused, keep his grades up, and feel good emotionally.

“When our son was preparing to leave for college, Dale Troy’s Pre-College Program came at the perfect time. I was happy, and my son was happy with the tools she offered for success.

He found her program so useful that he even joined her group program in his second semester, which made a big difference in his ability to stay focused, keep his grades up, and feel good emotionally.

I highly recommend Dale’s skill-based program for college students; Success follows!”

Moira C., Parent of a College Freshman


“I feel like I am sending my son off to school with all the tools necessary to succeed in college. It is up to him now because he is well prepared. I have Dale Troy's program to thank for this. She really helped him in many ways, especially with time management which is different in college than in high school.
Having my son complete the College Success Formula has given me peace of mind. I highly recommend Dale's program!”

Erica S., Parent of a High School Senior

Happier, healthier and grades have improved

“The stress reduction tools he learned are already making a big difference for him. He is happier, healthier and his grades have improved since participating in this program.”

Stacy D., Parent of a College Freshman

The program helps reduce stress, with tools and strategies to help any college student.

“In this time of uncertainty for those entering or returning to college, that uncertainty can create stress and anxiety for both the student and parent. Dale is a gift to any college student facing this stressful situation and her program helps reduce stress with tools and strategies to help any college student navigate the situation so they are better equipped to manage their stress. Thank you, Dale, for your never ending passion to help college students have a successful year!”

Oriana L., Parent of a College Freshman


“When my son went to college, he wasn't prepared to keep track of all the moving parts in all different locations, plus taking care of himself. The second semester he worked with Dale. She totally changed his outlook and his efficiency. He now feels in control and is making incredible progress in a short time. We are amazed and impressed!”

Kim B., Parent of a College Freshman

Helped him pass his classes and learn valuable organization and communication skills.

“I was struggling with helping my son navigate his college classes successfully, and was frustrated by his lack of attention to details and prioritizing his work. Dale helped him not only pass his classes, but also learn valuable organization and communication skills. I’m very pleased with the results and will be continuing to engage Dale during the fall semester.”

Liz W., Parent of a Rising College Sophomore

Gave her tools to use when feeling anxious, as well as daily routines to keep her on track.

“Our daughter is a junior in high school who was feeling stressed and overwhelmed. Speaking with Dale gave her tools to use when feeling anxious, as well as daily routines to keep her on track. The mental and physical are so intertwined, and Dale helped our daughter have a deeper understanding of this and its importance.”

Alyson J., Parent of a High School Junior

Dale was very helpful and really cares about the students she works with.

“She gave our son useful tools and was able to get him to finally use a calendar. A big feat for a kid that struggles with executive function. We highly recommend Dale for any student that’s struggling to tackle the demands and rigor of high school and college.”

Janet, Parent of College Sophomore


” My husband and I found Dale after watching our son struggle through his freshman year of college. He had started out the year optimistically but as the year progressed it became obvious to us that he was overwhelmed. Halfway through his second semester, we realized he had basically given up. We had no idea how to help him because he couldn't even tell us what he needed; he just couldn't pull it together. He ended the year very poorly and seemed defeated and depressed. We were crushed and afraid maybe he wasn't cut out for college. We began to do some online research, and we found Dale.

After my first time speaking with Dale, I immediately felt relieved and hopeful. She spoke with me at length about the issues our son was having and believed she could help him.

She began meeting with him during the summer before his sophomore year began. She helped him right off the bat by teaching him how to effectively manage his time. Before school even started he had begun to use a daily planner and account for his time. It was remarkable to see how this simple change in his habits seemed to affect his mood and his confidence.

We saw significant changes in our son while working with Dale – he was better organized, thoughtful in his approach and motivated to succeed. With Dale’s help, he was able to break things down into more manageable pieces so as not to become overwhelmed with projects, studying for tests/quizzes, etc. Dale would also encourage him to advocate for himself, ask his advisor questions, and communicate with his professors.

He really loved working with Dale – she made him comfortable and was great at balancing empathy and accountability, and he responded so positively to their interactions. He appreciated the ability to communicate by text as needed. It provided the flexibility of communication while enabling him to stay on track.

As a result of working with Dale, our son was able to improve his GPA for his first semester of sophomore year to 3.2 and we couldn’t be more pleased with the changes we see in him. He is just so much more confident and proud. His second semester has begun and he is motivated to continue to improve his grades.

We are so grateful that we found Dale and wholeheartedly recommend her coaching services! She strives to truly get to know the person with whom she is working – their strengths, opportunities and frustrations – and develops a personalized game plan for success that goes beyond the classroom and prepares them for life. We can truly say that our son's experience with Dale is life-changing.”

Joan P., Parent of a College Sophomore

Dale helped pave the way for my daughter's college success.

“I highly recommend Dale Troy, of Crush College Stress, LLC. Dale has been working with my daughter, Elli, since her first semester of College, August 2021. Dale has been invaluable in getting Elli on track for a successful first year.

She has been absolutely amazing at prioritizing Elli's day to day routine, texting her reminders, keeping her accountable and guiding her through each class. She is easy to work with and always available when I reach out to her. She also understands the struggles teens have with being away from home.

It has been no easy task for Elli to stay focused and organized, but Dale has been instrumental in her progress. In addition, she has been so supportive in helping Elli adjust to being almost 3,000 miles away from home as it has been very difficult for her.

I'm happy to say we are still working with Dale as Elli begins her second semester. Each student is different, but they all have the same goal….to succeed in College, and Dale will help pave the way.”

Theresa L, Parent of a College Freshman

Dale’s approach to crushing stress and honing in on important executive functioning skills gave her tremendous confidence

“Our college-age child had a very unexpected bumpy 2 years at college, in engineering, at a big state school 1000+ miles from home. After taking 7 months leave of absence to “adult” (work & pay her own bills), she seemed ready to dive back into academics, but we were in need of a 3rd party consultant/coach to check in with her occasionally because students would rather hide their deficiencies to their parents, but willing to talk these out with a consultant.

Dale’s approach to crushing stress and honing in on important executive functioning skills gave her tremendous confidence to get back into academics. Dale touches base with my child a couple of times each week thru text messages and is always there for her if she just needs to talk through a situation. She is thriving again this semester, despite the COVID situation, and Dale has helped her recognize the good in the current situation.”

Lisa G., Parent of a College Junior

Hear From Students


"I feel great about this semester! I think our meetings played a huge role in my success because of the structure it built for me.

Making my schedule every week with you helped as well because it motivated me each day to wake up and get to it.

Overall, it's great having you available to text any questions or concerns I have about school. Thank you so much Dale, you are the best!"

Will P., College Sophomore


I really appreciated Dale’s program because it broke down college life into several categories, instead of one large, vague concept. Being able to set goals before I got to college in categories such as nutrition and sleep, along with social and academic (and more), made the transition to college far more manageable. In addition to the categorization of college life, the implementation of the planner made it much easier to turn my goals into material routines.

Brooke A., College Freshman


My mom met Dale Troy online and learned of her College Success Formula program. Before meeting Dale, I never knew that you could prepare for college in a systematic way. Since I'm the oldest kid in my family, we were unfamiliar with all that being a college student entails and how to navigate it. I soon agreed to work with Dale.

I'm very pleased with my decision to do Dale's program. After 7 sessions on Zoom, I've learned that college requires a lot of new skills and habits; however, these are manageable.

For instance, I've always resisted using a planner, but Dale got me to recognize its importance to be able to use my time efficiently in college and that a planner would be helpful. She also taught me how to fill one out and what was important to put in or have absent from my planner/schedule.

Additionally, I learned a lot about how to take care of myself physically and emotionally; how to get along with a roommate; the importance of asking for help when needed; how to develop a support network on campus; and the best study skills for college classes.

I feel confident about starting freshman year with all the tools and strategies I learned from Dale. I know they will help me be successful in not only freshman year, but throughout my college experience.

I certainly recommend the College Success Formula program for soon-to-be college students.

Aiden S., High School Senior


I often found myself getting overwhelmed with my workload in school, which would get in the way of my focus, time management, and productivity. With Dale's help, I learned how to find confidence in myself in all of these areas, and had one of my best semesters! Thanks Dale 🙂

M.G., College Junior

She helped me be more consistent and in control of my life.

“The coaching program with Dale Troy was very helpful and applicable in my everyday life as a college student. She helped me be more consistent and in control of my life, which is exactly what I was missing. Dale was always available if I had any questions or needed any help. I would highly recommend this program to anyone trying to better themselves personally, emotionally, and physically.”

Collin D., College Freshman

I can confidently say I am more prepared for college because of my work with Dale.

“As I prepared to go to college, I was worried about how to handle the independence that came with being a college student. From working with Dale I was able to compartmentalize and organize my college day. It maximized my time and led me to complete tasks more efficiently. Dale was extremely helpful, kind, and innovative in helping me develop skills required for success in college. From nutritional habits, to beneficial academic tendencies, I can confidently say I am more prepared for college because of my work with Dale.”

Guy C., College Freshman

Dale helped me organize my time…and I feel more in control of my life.

“Before I met Dale, I was feeling stressed and overwhelmed by everything I needed to do in my junior year of high school. Dale helped me organize my time, pay more attention to my self-care, and use deep breathing to reduce my stress. As a result, I did well academically, was able to apply early to my first choice college, and was accepted. I'm still using the tools Dale taught me and I feel more in control of my life.”

Alexa J., High School Senior

This program is a great way to help deal with college stress.

“Before starting the program, I felt very disorganized and frazzled while dealing with classes and all the extracurriculars that college has to offer. I feel like the coaching program did really help by creating a checklist and well balanced diet, as well as creating accommodations to help with a busy college schedule. It was easy to fit the calls into my schedule since I could do them right from my bedroom! For college students with busy schedules, this is a great way to help deal with college stress, without adding a lot of time commitment to it. Some of the changes are very simple, but make a big impact on overall daily life!”

Bridget S., College Sophomore

I was able to improve my grades, I'm also more confident about how to be a good student in college.

“My mom hired Dale to help me with online learning after I was sent home from college because of COVID. Before I started working with her, I was feeling very overwhelmed and stressed. Even though I finished high school online, I learned that college is completely different. I worked with Dale on Zoom for 5 weeks.  She taught me so much in a short time. I was able to improve my grades because I learned how to use a planner and schedule all my assignments.  I also learned how to study better, take good notes, and stay motivated. Dale kept in touch with me in between our Zoom sessions and made me feel like she really cared and listened to what I had to say. She also helped me get back to exercising regularly and making good food choices, which helped me feel better physically and mentally. My GPA is higher because of working with Dale. I’m also more confident about how to be a good student in college and that will help me for the rest of my college career. Thank you, Dale!”

Laurel W., College Freshman

With Dale’s help, I felt more prepared for my classes

“The group sessions facilitated by Dale Troy, in her College Success Community program, had numerous positive effects on my college experience. I was able to hear suggestions from other students on how to solve weekly uncertainties.

With Dale’s help, I felt more prepared for my classes and developed a beneficial daily scheduling system. I would highly recommend this program to any student looking to expand and improve their social and academic lives while in college.”

Gaetano, College Freshman

I really enjoyed connecting with the other students in the group.

“The College Success Community was a great way to meet students from other colleges to discuss important events happening in our academic and personal lives, and brainstorm the most efficient ways to approach them with Dale as our guide.

I really enjoyed connecting with the other students in the group, learning about their experiences, and also sharing my experiences as well.

Personally, this program was valuable in encouraging me to take a step back and evaluate my habits to ensure that I was making the right decisions to do my best academically and personally.
I would recommend the College Success Community to anyone, as I feel that all students could benefit from the reflection it encourages, and I would especially recommend it to students who are struggling to find an adequate support system in their schools.”

Keith, College Sophomore

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