Congratulations! You’re ready to think about your child’s next step…college.

I know it feels like a long, difficult road. But there’s still one important step to help your child.

You're A College Parent

What's Your Next Step?

Let's make sure your child is prepared for life on a college campus, without you there.


There's a big difference between going to high school while living at home, and going to college while living in a dorm.

For many students, college life feels overwhelming and stressful, especially in their first year when everything is new.

Do you remember how many hours your child practiced before they could ride a two-wheeled bike without your help?

Do you remember how many hours they practiced driving, and studied for their driving test, before you let them drive alone?

Going to college is similar. It's a new experience. But students don't get to practice. They arrive on campus feeling like they have to figure it out on their own.

No wonder 65% of college students suffer from anxiety, according to the National College Health Assessment.
No wonder students today are taking 5 or 6 years to graduate.

No wonder 30% of freshmen drop out before starting their sophomore year.

Like riding a bike or learning to drive, your child needs some practice and preparation before they arrive on their college campus.

High schools and colleges are not preparing your child for success in college.  Your child needs to learn new habits and skills so they can start their freshman year with confidence and not become overwhelmed.


There are four key pillars that will set your child up for success in college:

  • Academic Skills – goal setting, time management, note-taking, study skills, test prep, asking for help
  • Social Connections – joining activities and making friends, living with a roommate, finding a mentor
  • Physical Health – balanced diet, staying hydrated, sleep routine, daily exercise
  • Emotional Well-being – growth mindset, positive self-talk, stress management, using campus resources, resilience

Students who have had a chance to practice the skills in each of the four pillars are confident, in control, and able to thrive in college.

Here's what a student I worked with, before she started college, told me during her freshman year of college:

“I always make a plan for myself for the week, including when I will work-out and when I will do certain assignments.  I love having a planner because that way I stick to it and I feel proud once I can cross things off the list.  Also, whenever I get super overwhelmed, I remember to do deep breathing especially during exams.”

Alexa J., College Freshman

Here's what the mom of a rising college freshman said after her son worked with me:

“I feel like I am sending my son off to school with all the tools necessary to succeed in college.  It is up to him now because he is well prepared.  I have Dale Troy's program to thank for this.  She really helped him in many ways, especially with time management which is different in college than in high school. Having my son complete the College Success Formula has given me peace of mind.  I highly recommend Dale's program.”

Erica S., Mom of a Rising College Freshman

Is my coaching program, College Success Formula, a good fit for your child? I've answered some common questions below. I also encourage you to speak with me so we can discuss your child's needs.


Answers To Common Questions
What if my child is so busy they can’t fit another thing into their schedule?
If your child can’t fit an hour session into their schedule, then they definitely need help. One reason college students are so stressed is that they don’t know how to manage their time well. My program covers planning and time management, which will help them throughout college and beyond.
College is already expensive, how can I justify another investment?
The statistics show that 30% of students are dropping out before sophomore year, 60% are taking 6 years to graduate, and 65% are feeling anxious or stressed. Unfortunately, there's no way to predict how any child will do in college. I understand that you've invested a lot of time, energy, and money in your child already. What if a relatively small investment, in a program to prepare your child for college, is the difference between college success and failure? Are you willing to take that risk?
What if my child doesn’t want to work with a coach?
In my experience, although students want to do well in college, they don't want to get help from their parents, and they don't like the idea of seeing a therapist. However, they are familiar with the term “coach” from sports. When you explain that my role is to give them the tools they need for college success they are open to talking to me. I always meet with the student before we decide to work together. That way, we both know whether we're a good match and will be comfortable with each other.
Let's Plan For Your Child's Success:

Schedule a complimentary College Success Breakthrough Session, and let's create your child's game plan for college success.

Here’s what we’ll achieve together:
I’ll help you identify the habits and skills your child needs to achieve their goals.
We’ll create a tailored action plan your student can follow for college success.
We’ll explore how I can support your child, whether that’s coaching with me, or help from another expert.